Faculty Teaching

Members of the Physiology Department faculty are actively involved in the teaching mission of Emory University. These efforts include coordinating and lecturing in the medical school course, Foundations of Medicine (Healthy Human & Human Disease), the Allied Health Physiology course given to students in the Physicians Assistant Program and Anesthesiologist Assistant Program of the Medical School, and numerous graduate courses in the Graduate Division of Biomedical and Biological Sciences.

Foundations of Medicine (Healthy Human) course

The Foundations of Medicine (Healthy Human) course is presented to the first year medical students during the first 11 weeks. It is divided into 7 two or three-week modules. The Physiology faculty is involved in the following modules:

Neural Function: Shawn Hochman, Pete Wenner, Marie-Claude Perreault, Sandra M. Garraway, Inyeong Choi

Exercise and Movement: Inyeong Choi (director), Morten Raastad, Heping Ma, Jeff Sands

Foundations of Medicine (Human Disease) course

The Foundations of Medicine (Human Disease) includes organ/system based modules that continue for 11 months.  The Physiology faculty lecture in the following modules:

Pulmonary:  Morten Raastad

Renal and Genitourinary:  Douglas Eaton, Inyeong Choi, Jeff Sands

PA and AA Program

The Physiology course provides the fundamentals of systems physiology in a one semester course to the students in the Physicians Assistant (PA) Program and Anesthesiologist Assistant Program of the Medical School This course is directed by Inyeong Choi and many faculty members contribute to the lectures and assessment:

PAE 7208 - Fundamentals of Rheumatology and Orthopedics: Marie-Claude Perreault

 BAHS 502 - Physiology: Inyeong Choi (director), Francisco Alvarez, Heping Ma

Emory Graduate Program

The Physiology faculty contributes to the success of Emory’s graduate programs by mentoring Ph.D. students, by contributing to program administration, and by directing and lecturing in the following graduate school courses:

 IBS 514 – Cellular and Developmental Neuroscience: Pete Wenner, Morten Raastad   Grant Writing and Professional Development: Shawn Hochman, Marie-Claude Perreault
IBS 526 – Neuroanatomy and Systems Neuroscience:  Francisco Alvarez, Shawn Hochman, Marie-Claude Perreault    IBS 556 - Basic Biomedical and Biological Sciences II: TBA NS 551 - Techniques in Neuroscience: Sandra Garraway (director), Francisco Alvarez, Shawn Hochman, Pete Wenner
NS 570 - Professional Development Communications and Ethics: Shawn Hochman (co-director)    NBB 270 - Current topics in Neuroscience:   Shawn Hochman